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Dear friends, are you a part of the 50% of the population above the 30 years of age that have problems with the hemorrhoids? In the last 10 years I had painful problems while working, walking, exercising and having sexual intercourse. The most painful were external hemorrhoids. Doctors diagnosed grade III hemorrhoids and suggested a surgery.

I did not agree, and tried all kind of pharmaceutical preparation (ointments, gels, herbal creams, suppositories and oils), methods (diet with more fruits, vegetables and cereals, increased intake of water and physical activity, reduction of spicy food, coffee and alcohol) and medical therapies (sclerotherapy) available at the pharmacies, hospitals and on the open market… During that time, I spent lots of money. None of those conservative or alternative methods gave any lasting results. Some of the ointments helped to subdue some of the symptoms, but did not resolve anything in the long run.

Being persistent by nature, I did not give up. Due to my previous interest in inventions, I believed I could find the cure and help myself. I studied the nature of the disease and started to experiment. While researching and experimenting, I have analyzed tens of innovations dealing with the problem, but I have realized that innovators themselves did not have the inner understanding of the hemorrhoids and did not produce an easy, cheap, efficient or practical aid. Some of the innovations could be used only with doctor’s assistance, while the rest of them were either too big or too expensive and none of them were practical, easy and could not be applied without the help from others.

For years, I was researching every day, looking for new methods and procedures and after numerous trials I have finally invented and constructed the Aid – Hemorrhoid applicator. With the Hemorrhoid applicator I got rid of the pain. When my doctor saw the results, she could not believe. She tried to talk me into having a surgery and now she was speechless. She asked me how I managed to heal. Now I am walking and working normally, I go to the gym and have a normal sex life. I live pain-free and without discomforting external hemorrhoids.

Aid-Hemorrhoid Applicator DVORSKY is:

Easy to use – you can insert the Applicator in just few minutes, without assistance from the medical personnel or family members.

Efficient – Few minutes after the application, pain and discomfort vanish.

Cheap – It can be used multiple times and for a very acceptable price.

Small and light – It is handy – it can be carried in the pocket and used as necessary.

Simple to maintain – After the application, you can prepare it for the next use in only few minutes.

Durable – With proper maintenance, it can last over 10 years.

Reliable and with a 12-month warranty

Made of medically acceptable materials

Unisex – Suitable for both men and women.

Interested? If so, I have the solution for you!!!

You do not have to suffer from the painful and discomforting hemorrhoids!!! Free yourself from the pain, discomfort and suffering caused by hemorrhoids!!! I can help you!!! You do not have to suffer!!!

Method that I am using is valid for the grades II and III hemorrhoids, when hemorrhoids are extruding from the anus. For the grade IV hemorrhoids, the success depends on the special preparations (detailed and free-of-charge instructions will be supplied), which in effect determine whether the aid could be applied. I had the grade IV hemorrhoids and with great efforts and pain managed to reduce it to the grade III. Since then, I use the aid daily. With the Aid – Hemorrhoid applicator, hemorrhoids do not externalize. Take the first step and order or send the Request for the Hemorrhoid Applicator DVORSKY. Enter your e-mail address and other data in the form on bottom buttons.

My personal experience will be the best help you can get. If it helped me, it will help you as well. The kit consists of the Aid – Hemorrhoid applicator – 3 each in various sizes (Large, Normal and Small) to reduce the discomfort, as well as instructions and other necessary accessories. Aid – Hemorrhoid applicator is sterile and made of medical, anti-allergic and hygienic materials (mixture of rubber and custom-made plastic). Aid – Hemorrhoid applicator is a product of a contemporary methods and high technology, the patent is currently pending at STATE INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY OFFICE OF THE REPUBLIC OF CROATIA.

The kit costs 70 Euro (packaging, postal charges and tax inclusive). Aid kit is a single delivery package.

It is a terrific bargain for ending pain and suffering caused by hemorrhoids.

Imagine that you can take a walk, go to work, and go out with your friends, children and grand-children without pain. Imagine that after a long time you can live a life free from the constant problems caused by hemorrhoids.

To fulfill your dreams, take the first step. Choose either Offer (in that case you will pay the aid kit via the bank deposit or via check or via WESTERN UNION) or Order (in that case you will pay with your credit card). If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail or phone. There is no risk, and benefit is obtaining pain-relief.

Be among the first to order the new technological solution Aid – Hemorrhoid applicator DVORSKY.

I am so convinced in the quality of the Aid – hemorrhoid applicator that I offer a 1 year warranty on the quality of the product. In the case of a defect in manufacturing, you will receive a new kit, free of charge.

Payment may be done online, via bank, via check or WESTERN UNION. Once the payment is received, delivery is instant – via postal or courier home delivery, or it can be picked up in person at my location. You’ll get a package for 2-6 weeks.

Order now on my e-mail:
and free yourself from the discomfort!!!

Letters of Recommendations

Since I started using the Aid – Hemorrhoid Applicator, I feel alive.

Dear Edi, thank you.

Boris (47 yrs) from Pula, Croatia

Dear Edi,

My husband (68 years old) was lost and agitated before he started using your Aid – Hemorrhoid Applicator. Now we can go for walks again. My recommendations.

Ana (58 yrs) from Zagreb, Croatia


I risked a lot by buying your aid, because it wasn’t cheap for me and now I can only say that it was worth every penny.

Ivan (60 yrs) from Mostar (Bosnia and Hercegovina)

Dear Mr. Dvorsky

I will recommend your aid to my friends. It really works!

Mojca from Ptuj, Slovenija

Dear Mr. Eduard

I have used your aid in accordance with the instructions that you’ve sent me a week ago. The situation is much better. I am very satisfied. Thank you.

Irena (51 yrs) from Slavonski Brod, Croatia

Dear Mr. Eduard,

My apologies for not contacting you earlier. To my great joy, I am using the applicator without any discomfort, the pain ceased immediately and the hemorrhoids don’t go out. I have been using the applicator for seven days now, I feel so well that I don’t need to use it any longer. Hemorrhoids are not exiting the anus. I feel great and I am very thankful for your help and advices. Best regards,

Unnamed from Čakovec, Croatia


My name is G.P. and I would just like to thank you for your helpful applicator.

Few months ago I started to have serious problems with the hemorrhoids and I spent hundreds of kunas on various ointments and creams without any results. When I almost gave up and decided to have surgery, I saw your web-site and decided to give your product a try. Although I was skeptical at first and believed that it was waste of money, in just a few days hemorrhoids vanished and I am the living witness that the product is efficient.

Thank you again! Those tens of Euros have been the best investment in my health that I could have done. I’ve been born again since I started using the applicator.

Sincerely yours,

GP, Croatia

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